Polimersan manufactures high-performance engineering plastics as Product, Semi-Finished Product, and Finished Product with high-quality standards. With its high production capacity, Polimersan manufactures standard plastics, engineering plastics and high-temperature technical plastics and produces finished products such as rod, sheet, plate, wedge, and semi-finished products such as film, ring, strips, gaskets, etc.

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STOCK AND DISTRIBUTION 2000 tons of materials ready to be shipped

Polimersan carries out its operations with a total of 4 production facilities. In accordance with the customer demands, Polimersan provides the distribution and services of its products via the central factory in Turkey, Italy factory and USA factories and also via its nationwide branch offices and a great number of dealers.

Polimersan meets its customer demands on time with a stock of nearly 2.000 tons of semi-finished products ready for shipment (including the capacity of its factories and branches). Polimersan continues its operations to make its current stock and sales network more available and accessible by all users in the sector.



    Polimersan manufactures high-performance engineering plastics such as POM, PTFE, PA, PE and PP. The manufacturing methods are extrusion, molding, ram extrusion, automatic molding and surface treatment.


    Our data page is designed to verify various properties of our products (Physical, Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical). Polimersan implements various tests carried out with test specimens, at its own laboratory. (We are making composition of our products, which are produced along with various tests carried out with test specimens, at our own laboratory.)


    Plastics of Polimersan
    Standart Plastikler : HDPE, PP
    Mühendislik Plastikleri : POM, PA 6, PA 6G
    Teknik Plastikler : PTFE, PFA

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Politef (PTFE)

Politef is Polimersan’s (P.T.F.E) “Polytetrafluoroethylene” also known as “Teflon®”



Polipom is Polimersan’s “Polyoxymethylene” which is also known as Polyacetal, Acetal and Delrin®.


Polipolen (HDPE)

Polipolen is Polimersan’s high density polyethyleneedir.


Poliproblen (PP)

Poliproblen is Polimersan’s Polypropylene and is used as (Homopolymer PP), (copolymer PP) ve (Random copolymer PP) products.


Polipa (PA 6)

Our brand name of Polipa is known as Polyamide, PA6 and Nylon 6.