• Poliproblen is Polimersan’s Polypropylene and is used as (Homopolymer PP), (copolymer PP) ve (Random copolymer PP) products.

    PP is an economical product with high properties such as chemical resistance against solvents, acids, high mechanical and stress resistance, electrical resistance. Service temperature is between -10° and +100 °c and low density.

    PP products are rods, sheets, welding rods with natural and grey colours.





    • High resistance against chemical solvents
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Good resistance against fatigue
    • High impact resistance
    • Good electrical resistance
    • Good resistance against humid
    • Very suitable for welding


    Paint factories, galvanized coating factories, ventilation duct, chemical industry, purification facilities.

    • Chemical tanks,
    • ventilation duct ,
    • Scrubber facility
    • Galvanized tanks
    • Chemical labs
    • Dozing units.