Politef ( P.T.F.E. )

  • Politef is Polimersan’s (P.T.F.E) “Polytetrafluoroethylene” also known as “Teflon®”

    Politef is highly resistant to chemical liquids and solvents, high dielectric performance, very low coefficient of friction, totally waterproof, excellent electrical insulation, wide range of operating temperatures, non-inflammable due to its molecular structure. Service temperature is between -270° and +260 °c . Politef is produced with fillers to increase resistance against higher temperature, deformation under load and electrical insulation.

    VIRGIN                            BRONZE-FILLED                       CARBON-FILLED                           


    Politef is available as sheets, rods, films, wedges, disks, tapes and finished parts and distributed domestically and internationally.



    • Perfect electrical insulation
    • Perfect resistance against chemical solvents
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Non-stickiness
    • High thermal properties
    • Good resistance against weather conditions and humid


    Machines used in heavy industries, petro-chemical facilities, textile, automotive spare parts manufacturing;

    • Seals, gaskets
    • Rings, isolators,
    • Bearing strips, Ütümax
    • Inflammable glass coated fabrics, etc.